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Marina Resort Lakefront Rooms & Event Location

Marina Resort is an iconic and unique property on Big Bear Lake. Read below and learn about our history and how we take special care to make your stay memorable.

Early History

In the early 1960’s John Woods built the Thunder Cloud (Now Knights Inn) after which he began construction on the Marina Resort (then called the Marina Riviera). The Marina Resort was completed in December 1968 and opened the doors January of 1969 and they have remained open since. In 1983 the Lindholm family purchased shares in the Resort and took over the operation in April 1, 1984. After a few years, the family purchased the remaining shares of the property.

Pool and Spa – 1991

In the spring of 1991 the Marina Resort opened their 654 Gallon Jacuzzi which is kept heated year round. Also opened was our 17,820 Gallon Swimming Pool that is heated from the 3rd week of June through the end of September. One of the best features of our pool and Jacuzzi is their location, they are situated right on the beach… the pool is less than 50′ from the high water mark when the lake is completely full, this means there is absolutely nothing blocking your view of the lake. In the winter people love sitting in the hot tub while it’s snowing, so bring your swimming suit even in the winter snowy months.

Event Tent – 1997

In 1997 the City of Big Bear Lake approved the plans for our seasonal tent. So the Marina Resort purchased a Tent from Academy Tents and began our special events programs. The tent was installed on September 4, 1997 and the first wedding was hosted on September 6, 1997. It has been running since then hosting many annual events.

Exterior Cabin Style Logs – 1998

In the spring of 1998 the Marina Resort updated it’s exterior to feel more like a mountain cabin by adding log railings and post though-out the property. Because of our location, improvements and guest relations many families return year after year.

Ez-Dock – 2001

Our Ez-Dock system was installed in 2001 and we love how well it has lasted. Each year we completely remove it from the water and cover it to help protect it from the elements. This dock is superior to the wood docks that splinter and need annual maintenance to keep looking nice.

Pool Pavers – 2005

We upgraded our swimming pool deck to pavers because the concrete cracks due the cold winter months. Now our pool area maintains it beauty throughout the year as the pavers allow the ground to rise and fall with the temperatures.

John Deere Tractor – 2007

By March of 1985 we realized to better accommodate our guests we needed to remove snow as soon as possible without waiting for a service. So we purchased a Ford 1920 tractor to remove snow and maintain our sandy beach. In 2007 we purchased a cab enclosed tractor that is appreciated by our employees during the snow.

Playground Equipment – November 2011

One of the most enjoyable features of traveling to the Mountains is enjoying a cozy and beautiful fireplace, so in 2010 we did a lot of internet searching to find a the perfect unit, and we did. The Equinox 8000 is Hearthstones largest soapstone stove. It heats our lobby in style, being 82% Efficient it stays warm for up to 16 hours. it is really enjoyable to sit and feel the warmth of the fire while watching it snow outside.

Upgrading Electrical – April 2011

As technology has changed so has the demand for power. With family traveling with so many devices that need charging we have upgraded our electrical through-out the property providing easy access outlets to accommodate our guest.

Major Remodel – Began in 2012

In 2012 we began remodeling our rooms to have even more of a cabin style feel… and we have spared no expense. We have hand made custom log furniture built by Rustic Aspen Furniture in Dolores Colorado. Not only did they custom build the bed headboards to match the nightstands… but they also matched the small refrigerator cabinet and bathroom vanity. Our showers consist of full granite slabs with top of the line Moen fixtures. Currently we have completed the 200 and 300 Level with these upgrades. The 100 level with the single king beds are still waiting for the bathroom upgrade.

Walkways and Landscaping – May 2014

We have completed our make-over to the property surrounding our Special Event Tent. This includes updating several walkways to pavers both for their look and durability, we know our brides love the new look.

Underground Utilities – November 2014

Big Bear Lake has approved moving the main power lines along Big Bear Blvd. to underground services. This is a real benefit for us all as the power-lines will now be better protected during our winter months. The Marina Resort has also prepared to move their services underground in an effort to improve the visual appearance of the property and cooperate with Big Bear City and their goals for our small community.

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